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Welcome!  We’re so glad and encouraged you have interest in the ministry of Together in the Trenches.
  We exist to serve foster & adoptive families.   Our passion is to see each and every one in a vibrant, loving & safe church body.   
By extension, it is our call to serve, equip and encourage you, the local church, to effectively love and care for these amazing people. 

The foster and adoptive families’ journey begins in anticipation!  Following and trusting God so closely as to obey His call to care for the fatherless is exciting!  This stage is important, precious and easy for a congregation to partake in and celebrate!  Often, the foster and adoptive family feels deep support and encouragement during these days. Then the child or children arrive!  The joyful culmination of a long journey!  A child is home and safe.  A church community may throw a shower, form a meal train & praise God from the pulpit for setting this lonely one in a family.  This is a time to rejoice! The church is serving its beautiful, Kingdom purpose.

What feels like an exuberant end to the church, is actually the real beginning for a family.  Every. adoption. Every. foster placement. Originated in brokenness.  A child, no matter the age, has to process and work through this brokenness in their lives.  Every foster and adoptive child will have endured varying degrees of trauma.  Those placed in an adoptive home as an infant will need to come to terms with their story at different points in their life.  Teens who lived through abuse and neglect will potentially have more severe trauma that will need much wisdom, discernment and support to overcome.  This purposeful call God placed on a family to bring home a child now becomes the holy call to help that child heal and thrive.  This can be costly, completely sacrificial and often devastatingly isolating.  That life-giving support of the church has waned. The parent (who may or may not feel equipped themselves) all of the sudden feels completely misunderstood, foreign and alone.  Although church members mean well, their desire for ease and comfort can overtake. Fear can overtake. Feeling ill equipped can overtake. This is where the majority of parents raising kiddos from hard places find themselves stuck.  Deeply desiring and needing community but realizing there isn’t much they practically have in common with their fellow believers anymore.

A foster or adoptive family laying down their lives to follow God’s call should not result in the feeling of rejection by God’s people.  We deeply believe that churches DESIRE to jump in and be faithful brothers & sisters to foster and adoptive families but lack the experience and understanding to fulfill that desire.

This is where Together in the Trenches desires to stand in the gap in a couple ways:

1.Speaking engagements.  Our presentation style consists of story telling.  It is biblical, engaging, full of practical steps, humorous, convicting and eye opening. Content will include:

-The real effects of trauma on the brain.

-The discernment, education and humility it takes to serve those effected by trauma.

-Real, informed and even simple ways to minister to those in the midst of trauma.

We have found in some congregations, there is a resistance to BELIEVE the true effects of trauma or secondary trauma on a life.  Misinformation and assumptions are rampant, so the advice stemming from many unintentionally discourage or condemn.  For the survivor of trauma, this can make a church one of the least safe environments they encounter.  God calls us to the opposite reality as we strive to be more and more like Jesus.  We desire to challenge and encourage believers to think deeply, learn humbly, serve faithfully and imitate Jesus fully in their response to those who have endured trauma.  And we have GREAT news!  This CAN be done and it CAN be the culture of your church!

2.Scholarships.  If you have a foster and adoptive mom in your church who is in need of love, support and community, consider providing her with a scholarship to attend one of our Retreats for foster and adoptive moms.


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