For Churches

Welcome to Together in the Trenches!  We exist to provide and inspire loving community for foster and adoptive families.

Our passion is to see each and every one in a vibrant and equipped church community.   

By extension, it is our call to serve & inspire you, the local church, to effectively love and care for those with the call to care for the fatherless within your church body! 

Together in the Trenches would be honored to inspire and serve your church community in a few ways:

1. Speaking engagements.  Our presentation style consists of story telling.  It is biblical, engaging, full of practical steps, humorous, convicting and eye opening. We desire to challenge and encourage believers to think deeply, learn humbly, serve faithfully and imitate Jesus fully in their response to those who have endured trauma.  And we have GREAT news!  This CAN be done and it CAN be the culture of your church!

2. Trainings for staff, children ministry servants, home groups and congregations.

3. Scholarships.  If you have a foster and adoptive mom in your church who is in need of love, support and community, consider providing her with a scholarship to attend one of our Retreats for foster and adoptive moms.  Spending time with those on a similar journey offers a depth of community and understanding that is both healing and sustaining.


If you are interested in Together in the Trenches presenting at your church, please email

To provide a scholarship or general support, please contact us or select “Give” on our menu.